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Welcome to Data Mesh Understanding (DMU). We are an information-as-a-service company focused on assisting organizations implementing data mesh to do it better – no expensive consultants looking to pad hours or take on more and more work, just a useful source of information and perspective around data mesh.


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Doing data mesh at all is hard, our goal is to make it easier, make it less frustrating and lonely. We’re here to connect you to the information and feedback you need in a timely manner with the proper pragmatism necessary to get this right.

Our founder, Scott Hirleman, is well-known – and hopefully well-respected – in the data mesh community as the host of Data Mesh Radio, a co-founder of the Data Mesh Learning community, and an advisor to Nextdata (Zhamak’s company). He has been very focused on helping collect, summarize, and amplify useful information on how organizations are doing data mesh.

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