Appearances and Other Pricing

Internal Podcasts, Fireside Chats/Roundtables, Presentations, Emceeing events, etc. If you have other potential requests, please skip directly to the contact form!

Internal Podcasts

video recording available if desired

You can purchase packages of any number of internal podcasts. All packages are purchased upfront. As write-ups often take 2x the time of the podcast for prep + conversation, a lengthy write-up will cost significantly more. All podcasts unless otherwise agreed to will be with Scott Hirleman (150+ interviews for Data Mesh Radio) – no bait and switch happening.

Fireside Chat or Roundtable

Internal podcasts can be up to 2 interviewees/guests. If it is a ‘Fireside Chat’ or Roundtable format but is 1) not live and 2) has 2 or fewer interviewees/guests, then it would be considered a ‘podcast’ for these purposes. If it has 3-5 guests and/or is live so people can ask questions from the audience, that would make it a fireside chat/roundtable.

If there are more participant guests (roundtable listeners only would not count), let’s discuss.

Podcast recording pricing (add applicable taxes, e.g. VAT to all prices):

Purchased 1 2 3 4 5
Podcast Only
Podcast + Editing
Podcast + Editing + Write-Up
Change to ‘Fireside Chat’ or Roundtable
Add €500
Add €1000
Add €1500
Add €2000
Add €2500

If you would like to purchase more than 5, let's chat!


We can offer customized packages with Scott as host. Often, it is better to have a conversation than try to squeeze things into a standard format. That said, prices for presentations are as follows (add applicable taxes, e.g. VAT):

Presentation Type Presentation on a Generic Data Mesh Topic Customized Presentation
25 min
55 min
25 min
55 min

On-site pricing, Emceeing, and Other

If you have ideas for other ways to work together that aren’t listed here, if you are a vendor or consulting company, check out our vendors page. If not, let’s chat and see what comes from it!

Remote, General Presentation


and up

Remote, Customized Presentation


and up

On Site

Pricing very dependent on ask

will need to cover travel + appearance fee

FOR Appearances and Other Pricing

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