Interviews w/ Implementors

This is specifically about interviews that have taken place with implementers. We will be adding more context to these but it’s a huge undertaking as we’ve interviewed 50+ implementers on the podcast alone! This excludes consultants that have not done an implementation at their own organization but includes current consultants that implemented at a previous org.
#6 All About Data Products w/ Wannes Rosiers (formerly at DPG Media)
#9 Data Contracts Deep Dive – The Pains and the Solution(?) w/Abhi Sivasailam (at Flexport at time of recording)
#19 Data Mesh in Government: Early Lessons Learned w/ Bente Busch (at NAV at time of recording)
#20 Domain Driven Design for Data – Where to Start w/ Piethein Strengholt (formerly at ABN AMRO)
#24 Getting Started (and Keeping Going) with Your Data Mesh Journey (at Adidas at time of recording and formerly at Saxo Bank)
#31 Cliché Quips and Useful Advice – nib Group’s Data Mesh Journey So Far w/ Kurt Gardiner (at nib Group at time of recording)
#34 Tackling Challenges Together at Talkdesk: An Early Journey Story w/ José Cabeda (at Talkdesk at time of recording)
#37 Building a Self-Serve Platform Developers Will Actually Use w/ Audun Fauchald Strand and Gøran Berntsen (at NAV at time of recording)
#43 Applying Resilience Engineering Practices to Scale Data Sharing w/ Tim Tischler (at Wayfair at time of recording)
#44 A Pragmatic Approach to Getting Started with Data Mesh at Northern Trust w/ Khanh Chau (at Northern Trust at time of recording)
#47 Skipping the Fluff of Domain Driven Design for Data Mesh w/ Lorenzo Nicora (formerly at CMC Markets)
#48 Overcoming Obstinate Organizational Obstacles in Data Mesh w/ Scott Hawkins (at ITV at time of recording)
#51 A DevOps Angle to Data Mesh and WePay’s Journey w/ Chris Riccomini (formerly at WePay)
#52 Data Mesh Data Governance: Getting Out of Your Own Way w/ Sarita Bakst (at JPMorgan Chase at time of recording)
#67 All About Interoperability and Standards in Data Mesh w/ Samia Rahman (at Seagen at time of recording)
#68 The Build vs. Buy Dilemma of Data Platforms w/ Doron Porat (at Yotpo at time of recording)
#71 Adventures in Data Maturity – Creating Reliable, Scalable Data Processes w/ Ramdas Narayanan (at Bank of America at time of recording)
#85 The Move from Legacy to Leader in Data and Analytics w/ Immanuel Schweizer (at EMD Electronics at time of recording)
#89 Flexibility is Your Friend in Delivering Buy-In; But Be as Rigid as You Can w/ Luca Paganelli (at Gruppo HERA at time of recording)
#92 Good Governance Through Empathy and Partnership w/ Elizabeth Calloway and Jay Como (at Silicon Valley Bank at time of recording)
#102 Share Data by Default and Other Stories/Advice from Leboncoin’s Data Mesh Journey So Far w/ Stéphanie Bergamo and Simon Maurin (at Leboncoin at time of recording)
#103 4 Years of Learnings on Decentralized Data: ABN AMRO’s Data Mesh Journey w/ Mahmoud Yassin (at ABN AMRO at time of recording)
#107 Focusing on Outcomes and Building Brave Teams in Data w/ Gretchen Moran (at National Geographic Society at time of recording)
#119 Cautionary Learnings From a Startup Doing Data Mesh: Orfium’s Journey to Decentralized Data Success w/ Argyris Argyrou and Konstantinos Siaterlis (at Orfium at time of recording)
#122 Unlocking Your Data Value Through Good Product Practices w/ Alla Hale (at Ecolab at time of recording)
#123 Reflecting on Multiple Data Mesh Implementations: Iterating Your Way to Success w/ Simon Massey and Sunny Jaisinghani (both formerly at HSBC)
#130 Making the Data Quantum Leap – Starting from the Data Quantum at PayPal w/ Jean-Georges Perrin AKA JGP (at PayPal at time of recording)
#139 Reflecting on Learnings from Glovo’s Early Data Mesh Journey w/ Javier Granda and Pablo Giner Abad (at Glovo at time of recording)
#148 It’s A-Okay to Solve for Today: ANZ Plus’s Early Data Mesh Success w/ Adelle McDonald (at ANZ Plus at time of recording)
#153 Federated Data Governance Through Changing Minds and Hearts w/ Mariana Hebborn, PhD (at Merck & Co. at time of recording)
#160 Empathetic Upskilling and Data Literacy – Get Your Data Bootcamp Going w/ Alex Bross (at Fifth Third Bank at time of recording)
#189 Our Data is In the Cloud… Now What? w/ Vikas Kumar (at CNA Insurance at time of recording)
#206 Learnings from Delivering and Then Measuring Value of Data Mesh Work w/ Ghada Richani (at Bank of America at time of recording)
#212 Reflections on Building a Data Mesh Platform from Scratch w/ Jyotshna Karki (at Novo Nordisk at time of recording)
#214 Is Core Data the Way to Achieve MDM’s Goals in Data Mesh w/ Marcie Stoetzel (at Seagen at time of recording)
#224 Building Out Scalable Automated Access for Data Mesh at Disney Streaming w/ Himateja Madala (at Disney Streaming at time of recording)
#230 Getting Real About Data Product Management in Data Mesh w/ Frannie Helforoush (at RBC Global Asset Management at time of recording)
#234 Doing Data Work That Matters: Perspective From a Line of Business Head w/ Iryna Arzner (at Raiffeisen Bank International AG (RBI) at time of recording)
#236 Driving Buy-in For Decomposing the Monolith; and Then Actually Doing It w/ Brenda Contreras (at Self Financial at time of recording)

For any interview or panel episode, there are show notes – that start to get quite extensive after episode 100 – as well as transcripts for any interview or panel episode past #46 and most past #32. You can see a list of all episodes and available transcripts here.