Data Mesh Radio

As there are literally hundreds of Data Mesh Radio episodes, we thought some helpful classifications might go a long way. E.g. if you want to deep dive into DDD for Data, you can easily find episodes that touch on that. Same for governance or for building your platform or for many other topics. Making the content easy to find is crucial!



Zhamak’s Corner (Interviews with Zhamak)

Interviews with Implementers (excludes Consultants)

Foundational Episodes (Must Listens) (Coming Soon)

Domain Driven Design for Data

Data Contracts

Building Your Data Platform

Federated Data Governance/Governance in Mesh

Driving Buy-in (Coming Soon)

Data / Data Mesh Strategies and Roadmaps (Coming Soon)

High-Concept Episodes (Coming Soon)

Mesh Musings (Coming Soon)

Working With The Business/Interviews With Biz Stakeholders (Coming Soon)

Data Literacy and Literacy Bootcamps (Coming Soon)