Data Mesh Therapy

Data-Driven Discussions

Doing data mesh is hard. Sometimes you just need to talk out your challenges. Whether it is a podcast recording or a private chat, Scott has seen people relax considerably post even discussing their challenges. Then, once he’s ideated and discussed possible ways to address challenges, there is a significant reduction in stress from many people.

Data Mesh Guidance

250+ Conversations to date

Again, doing data mesh is hard. Sometimes you just need to vent. Sometimes you need a sounding board. Sometimes you are stuck and need actual advice on how to get unstuck. There are 40+ spinning plates with every data mesh implementation and people need some outside perspective and guidance on best (are we at best yet? Least bad?) practices. Well, Scott has talked with 250+ people involved with data mesh implementations.

Data Mesh Coaching

These high empathy conversations last 50 minutes and you get 3 sessions per month for 1650 Euro (plus applicable taxes). You can bring up to one additional person from your organization or allocate sessions to others in your organization. The purchaser has the exclusive right to determine who can leverage a data mesh therapy session.

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