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Sanity Checks and Perspective in Data Mesh Implementations.

Based on most 1:1 feedback across 150+ podcast interviews/panels and 100s more conversations around data mesh, we believe the number one blocker to data mesh implementations is honestly sanity checks/perspective. You might have 40+ spinning plates, how can you deeply research each plate to find if not ‘best practices’, at least ‘okay practices’?

How do you check if your approach is somewhat standard or crazy? How do you spitball ideas when no one is that far along in their journey? Are you the only one with that problem (hint: you’re not)? How can you find other people who are actually knowledgeable when even the most advanced implementations believe they are behind the curve?

If you need some targeted discussions, check out our Data Mesh Therapy offerings.

Our Key to Bridging Implementation Gaps

Well, that’s where we come in. We are constantly building a database of data mesh implementers – and building actual relationships with the implementers – whether at organizations implementing internally or consultants. We also categorize people’s expertise and based on which challenges you want to dive deeper into, we can help do outreach to facilitate those conversations. You will need to follow-up to set up time to chat (it’s not magic introductions) but we’ll get the ball rolling. All introductions are double opt-in so you know the other party has said yes to an introduction, not a random email in the dark.

Pricing Plans

Pricing is three qualified introductions per month for 1025 Euro (plus applicable taxes) with a customized package if you’d like more. If you want to get a sense of what the offering is like, we do have a free program that offers one free introduction each month but DMU does not assist you on who to select based on your needs and it is anonymous profiles.

Please grab time with Scott on his Calendly or fill out the form below as we want to meet potential clients first. No upsell, just making sure we are aligned 😄

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