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As the co-founder of the Data Mesh Learning with Zhamak (and Robert Sahlin), Scott Hirleman and the entire Data Mesh Understanding organization is committed to helping people learn more about data mesh and if it’s right for your organization. If it is, great! Let’s make sure you are well equipped to do data mesh well.

As new content is created, these pages will be updated. So feel free to bookmark and return.
Our Learning Content is organized around a few things:

Scott’s/DMU’s Podcast on all things data mesh

A listing of episodes and links to transcripts but also groupings around specific topics so you can deep dive into things like Domain Driven Design for Data, Mesh Data Governance (what the heck does Federated Computational Governance even mean?!), Driving Buy-in, and many more. These groupings will continually expand – there are 200+ episodes of Data Mesh Radio out as of May 2023 so lots of ways to group things together!

Check it out here

Data Mesh Learning

(Coming soon)

As a co-founder and the person running Data Mesh Learning for its first 2 years – growing it from 0 to 7K+ people -, Scott is intimately familiar with much of the content generated. So find a few of Scott’s favorite content from over the years.

In general, to get involved with DML, go here.