Data Mesh Insights

Data Mesh Understanding has a robust private roundtable program. These are designed to give people a safe space to openly discuss crucial and difficult topics with other implementers. Chatham House Rules apply: what is said is not repeated so we can actually dig into topics and be honest about what we are hearing and seeing.

Expert-led Roundtables

Each roundtable is led by at least one person with a decent degree of expertise on the topic – for some topics, that is Scott Hirleman but we also bring in outside experts on more specific topics like building your charge model.

Customized Roundtable Packages


The price per month for our private roundtables is 3 seats for 1275 Euro/month (plus applicable taxes). Those seats may be allocated to anyone inside your organization as long as it is communicated to the Data Mesh Understanding team ahead of time who will attend which roundtables. To be clear, the person who purchases has control over who uses private roundtable seats. Larger packages available upon request, see scaled pricing here.

Please grab time with Scott on his Calendly or fill out the form below as we want to meet potential clients first. No upsell, just making sure we are aligned 😄