Transparency and Confidentiality

Any formal agreements between Data Mesh Understanding and vendors or consulting companies will be made available for your review at this page here. You can see our vendor philosophy here. Financial terms and anything overly sensitive to the other party will be redacted but it’s important for people to know where DMU’s money comes from and if opinions and statements can be trusted. We hope this level of transparency is appreciated by the community and clients.

Any information shared with Scott or any other member of the Data Mesh Understanding team will not be shared with vendors unless you give very explicit permission (your information will also not be shared with anyone unless you specifically opt into sharing it with that person on a case by case basis). This is crucial to community trust and understanding.

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While not specific to Data Mesh Understanding or Data Mesh Radio, Scott is an advisor to Zhamak’s company Nextdata. Nextdata ‘sponsors’ the Zhamak’s Corner episodes of Data Mesh Radio through Zhamak’s time, there is no formal agreement.


Starburst has been a great partner to Data Mesh Radio, providing transcripts for interview and panel episodes for over a year. There is no formal agreement nor monetary relationship in place, simply a friendly handshake.


If you are at a vendor and would like to discuss sponsoring any Data Mesh Radio content or partner with Data Mesh Understanding, please reach out. But as stated above, the contract will be public, including any non-sensitive aspects of SOWs.